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6 Best TV Decorating Ideas for Living Room

6 Best TV Decorating Ideas for Living Room

TV Decorating ideas in the living room

Would you like to transform your living room with the most stylish TV ideas?

The large black screen on which we rely so heavily to watch the latest television shows can be challenging to incorporate into your living space without looking out of place,

even more so if you’ve gone all out and invested in a 65-inch or larger.

That is why we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to incorporate your television into your modern living room design.

So that your television enhances – rather than detracts from – the overall look.

Additionally, we’ve included designer tips on how to style your TV in your living room.

Not only will having the TV in the optimal position add harmony to your decor scheme – even if you’ve chosen one of the best 85-inch TV screens –

but it will also make watching the new season of Selling Sunset much more enjoyable.

TV stand design
6 Best TV Decorating Ideas for Living Room 8

TV Decorating



Unless you own a television and spend every night playing chess in the style of The Seventh Seal,

there is no way around the fact that television is a necessary part of life.

Therefore, when selecting a television for your space, there is no reason to avoid a large screen – even if your living room is quite small.

‘With the rise in popularity of open-plan architecture,

we can no longer avoid incorporating a television into living room design,’

says Jessica Hubner of Hübner Studio and an SBID member.

‘While designers frequently devise ways to conceal or conceal them,

this is not always possible, especially in smaller spaces.

‘I frequently believe that the best course of action in these situations is to integrate the TV into the design and embrace it.

We have previously accomplished this for clients by incorporating the television into a multipurpose joinery unit,

as seen in this London project.

Here, we designed a media unit that included not only cable management for the television and computer equipment,

but also a work space and storage for our client.

This multipurpose element became a focal point of the room,

embracing the television rather than hiding it.’

TV Decorating
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When positioning a television, it’s critical to consider the height of the television about the location from which you’ll be viewing it.

Depending on your seating, your eyes should be between one-third and halfway down the TV screen.

‘The size of the television in relation to its location should be carefully considered,’

according to Jenny Allan, an architectural designer with Jenny Allan Design.

‘An interior designer can sketch out the dimensions of the proposed TV on a piece of paper to ensure the proportions fit the space.

If you are not working with an interior designer,

it may be beneficial to create a template with the dimensions and pin it to the wall to visualise the proportions.’

tv stand decor
Modern interior design – bedroom details, tv stand and mirror decor


The angular shape of your television can be embraced by finding fixtures and fittings that match its style.

You’ll find a variety of TV stands and media units online that will help you integrate your television into the décor – so it appears to have always been a part of the furniture.

‘Choose a television stand with a wow factor that transforms the television into a showcase,’

advises London Contemporary interior designer Andrew Dunning.

A monochrome Chinoiserie-style TV stand balances white walls and a plain black TV screen.

‘These are then reflected in the geometric rug, sofa, and throw throughout the room.’

‘By sticking to a monochrome palette but incorporating interesting shapes, textures, and finishes, a dramatic and inviting look is achieved.’

tv wall decor
6 Best TV Decorating Ideas for Living Room 10

6 Best TV Decorating Ideas for Living Room

tv wall decor
Interior hipster smart tv and blank picture poster frame
tv wall decor
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TV Decorating Ideas for Living Room

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