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The arts of choosing garden lights ” garden light “

The arts of choosing garden lights .

Add an atmosphere of calm and kindness by choosing garden lights art; Your garden is
your natural environment away from life’s pollutants

As well as your space to spend the most beautiful times after a hard day’s work, whether
outside or inside the house and after spending a long time in the heat of the sun.

Choosing Garden Lights Don’t worry about any part of the home garden design,
By lighting it, you draw a new shape for the outdoor sessions and make the fun of
spending time in it has another form during the darkness,

with a modern design touch so that you can spend a fun time through it, whether for
relaxation, reading or others, and also the garden lighting is what shows us the beauty of
the garden,

Where you can change the lighting of the place according to the occasion and according
to personal desire

by adopting many forms of lighting lamps, including the floor, wall, hidden and other
different designs.

This is called the art of garden lighting, so the time has come to learn about the basics
and arts of garden lighting.

The arts of choosing garden lights " garden light " 8

Guidelines for choosing garden lighting art

Some designs for lighting gardens at night include setting up some circular lights around
the garden area,

in order to give an impression of the spaciousness of the place itself,
Along with give moderate lighting to the garden away from the large number of lights
while providing spaces in the garden itself for use in other important factors.

In addition, there are some gardens may be small in size, so if we think about designing
night lighting for them,

Also we must take into account that the lighting should not be too much,
which would affect the beauty and nature of the place,

and not be too little to negatively
affect the place completely.

Therefore, the accuracy of lighting distribution in such gardens, such as placing some
dazzling lights on one side, and placing some quiet lights on several other sides,

taking into account the proper distribution of each lighting,

too we will give us a beautiful general view of a garden characterized by a sophisticated
night lighting decoration.

Lighting distribution forms within your home garden _
Choosing Garden lights art:

  • Hidden ground lighting: which is distributed within the floor of home gardens,
    where the lighting is directed to the trees, green plant basins or the walkway within the

  • Its forms are simple,
  • but they leave distinctive lighting and add to the outdoor sessions
    a distinctive atmosphere through their distributed lighting to achieve a garden lights art.
    Ground lighting lamps: with their different designs, which are equipped
    to withstand different weather factors with artistic and modern forms, as we will see in
    the pictures.
The arts of choosing garden lights
The arts of choosing garden lights " garden light " 9
ART garden lights
The arts of choosing garden lights " garden light " 10
  • Lamps hanging on trees: They have various forms, including modern, vintage and other
    that are attached to trees for decoration and to provide adequate lighting.
garden lights
The arts of choosing garden lights " garden light " 11

Luminous lanterns: that are distributed in the corners of the garden, on the stairs,

attached to trees and other spaces.

garden wall lighting: It has several forms that depend on the direction of the lighting
some of which are directed in one or more directions, as we will see in the pictures.

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garden lights Art
The arts of choosing garden lights " garden light " 12

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