How do you plant grass in your home garden?

How do you plant grass in your home garden?

Here we show you the best ways and ideas for growing grass in your garden. Grass is one of the most important plants in gardens because it gives it a great look. This type of plant can be grown either from seeds, seedlings, or by growing strips of grass.

In light of the Overcrowding of life, there is no harm in having your green area in your home to make you feel that you are in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of life, which is what you are looking for now in your home.

planting grass
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Growing grass from seeds in your home garden

The first step to growing grass from seed is to plow the area you want to plant, using a shovel turn the soil, and if there is grass planted in that area before, remove it first before plowing the soil and then wait about two weeks before planting new grass, or cover the soil with a light cloth Take two to four weeks to kill the old grass before planting the new one.

After preparing the soil, and after the soil is prepared, distribute the seeds, after spreading the seeds, water the soil well and continue watering the soil on a daily basis for 3 weeks. You can use a high nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate the growth of grass.

planting grass
How do you plant grass in your home garden? 4

Cultivation of ribbons of grass to growing grass in your home garden

This method is faster to grow and requires a little effort but is higher in cost, and before placing the grass squares in the garden you should add organic matter to the soil and also add strong nitrogen fertilizer when plowing the soil, then put the grass strips in the soil and make sure that the edges of the tapes are They come into contact with each other, and grass strips or squares usually come with pins to hold them next to each other.

After you spread the lawn in the garden, you should water it well, and be sure to water it every day for 3 to 4 weeks after planting.

Planting grass seedlings

This method is in the middle between the two previous methods in terms of time, cost and effort required for planting, and before placing the seedlings, you must remove any remnants of the herbs previously planted in the garden and then plow the soil well, and use a drill to install the seedlings in the soil and you must make spacing between the seedlings About 1 foot approximately, then water the soil well and water it regularly for 3 to 4 weeks.

lawn grass care in your home garden

The grass does not need much care, but it needs watering once a week, and it also needs fertilizer twice a year, once in the spring and the other in the fall. Do not overuse the fertilizer so as not to damage the grass.

Fertilizing more than this can lead to problems with a centipede lawn. Water the centipede lawn only when it begins to show signs of water stress during times of drought. Signs of water stress include a dull color or a shriveled appearance on the lawn. When watering during drought, water once a week deeply, rather than several times a week shallowly.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to preventing the growth of weeds in your garden

The most effective way to get rid of harmful weeds is to remove them by hand and make sure that the roots are removed, but this method requires labor-intensive, but the methods that we will mention are more effective and safe ways for the environment, although they may take longer time to kill weeds, including:

 boiling water:

The easiest way to get rid of weeds is to pour boiling water over them. This method is very effective in removing weeds, but it requires some time and needs to be repeated more than once throughout the day to completely eradicate these weeds.

Newspaper papers:

We can newspaper to preventing the growth of weeds in your garden,

Newspaper leaves may distort the appearance of the garden a little, but it is an effective way to eliminate small weeds. Cover harmful plants with several layers of newspaper leaves to block the sun’s rays and die. It will also prevent the growth of more weeds. To improve the appearance of the garden, it can be covered with a layer of sawdust.

Floor Covering Plants:

Ground cover plants are a good way to get rid of weeds, as they compete with them in absorbing salts and vitamins from the soil.


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