How to own your modern home in classic style

How to own your modern home in classic style ?

Firstly :
Despite all progress and development, we witness all aspects of life. However, sometimes we have the desire to always go back to the classics of the past, so we endeavor to own a modern home with a classic style.

What we miss most are the details of the old classic houses, as they were simple in design, full of detail and rich in memories.

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Classic decoration
Classic Style
Classic home

No matter how much the art of modern decoration draws us from attractive and picturesque modern designs

we remain amazed and fascinated by the face of its classic decorations that Imbued with the smells of the past, they still dominate our opinions and choices when it comes to coordinating the decorations of our homes and choosing our furniture
Now the most important question?

Who does not dream of creating a house in the most beautiful form, and that the décor of his home is beautifully designed in front of everyone?

So, in this article, I will show you some steps and ways to choose classic home décor
How to choose the right furniture to Be modern with a classic style.

Classic Style
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How to own your modern home in classic style 13

For own a modern home with a classic style all you have to do:

Choose the appropriate furniture for your home space to take advantage of the largest available space, select the appropriate design and shape that you want in your home.

also choose your favorite colors, taking into account the coordination between the colors of the furniture and the walls.

Moreover :
The appropriate arrangement of furniture inside the house shows its shape and ease of movement in the house.

These are some of the classic, elegant and elegant furniture designs that fit your home.

Classic home decoration shapes:

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Classic Style
How to own your modern home in classic style 15

which means, we are looking for your convenience, we have chosen for you a variety of designs, you can also hide the flaws of your home by using colors, for own a modern home with a classic style

Attention to color, consistency is a very important in-home decor, and there are many shapes to choose from as well.

Then :
There are different furniture designs in shape and design, various ceiling decorations, and different chandeliers to choose the right one for you.

Beautiful designs for walls and floors to Own a Modern Home with a Classic Style
Walls and floors:

They represent a large area because the house is not without walls and floors, so you should pay great attention to them by choosing suitable designs for them, and there are different forms that can be chosen from them to get and own classic home


Illuminations in classic decor :

Classic Style
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Classic Style
How to own your modern home in classic style 17

and the like .

Lighting plays a big role in making the house appear modern with a classic style, choosing suitable lighting for your home

Thus, the appropriate lighting sends comfort and tranquility in the place.

But on the other hand, strong lighting sometimes brings a feeling of happiness

the way to mix colors in the décor, paying attention to the shape of the furniture and the design style in your home, and one of the best lighting suitable for classic décor is the use of the Suraya in the middle of the ceiling of the house and the chandeliers by make balance between them.
The accessories used in the classic home to own Modern home with classic Style
the doors

Entrance door:

large doors are used to indicate luxury, and they are either carved wood or Forge.

 The door can be made of two leaves or a leaf depending on the size of the house.8
Interior doors: Wood is used less in size than the entrance door, and inscriptions are also entered in the doors.

 Paint color is used that matches the classic furniture used.
Choose the type of doors:

In the case of large areas, classic or modern can be used.
door handles

fine engravings, drawings, and decorations.
 Colors: are characterized by oxide colors.

Above all and most important of all :


for example :

Classic Style

Its size is relatively larger and commensurate with the size of the door.

Furthermore it :


in classic doors that have details or woodwork or forge.
classic curtains

Roman blinds:

We use thick or upholstered fabric, as they are somewhat dry.

 The colors of the curtains can be the same as the colors of the space for consistency and can differ from them to prevent boredom, and both are correct.

Which genres do you prefer in the classics?

In the classics, long curtains are preferred, and they can be longer than the wall.


An important element that is included in the classic design.

The frame has inscriptions and is colored in gold, iron oxide, or silver.
 It is placed inside the bathtubs on the wall.


In conclusion,

you may think that the classic furniture is heavy and occupies a large area of your home, but classic furniture gives it a feeling of luxury and modernity.

And therefore :
After we got acquainted with the general principles of design, we went to the modern and classic design of furniture inside the house and the various materials and shapes.


Finally :
After you know the necessary information for the right choice, what is your favorite choice, modern or classic, share the comments. 



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