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Ideas on how to choose house frames ,wall decorations

house frames and walls decorations

How to choose house frames and wall decorations?

Decoration, a world of secrets, surrounded by many different tastes, related to colors, materials, fabrics,

Also, the way of organizing and arranging, and no matter how luxurious the house or the place where the special decoration is to be organized,

The touch of decoration remains the main touch that greatly affects the general appearance of the place,

either he leaves it the decor is more beautiful, or it increases his distaste, making it look disorganized and unpretentious.

Fortunately, there are people who specialize in decorating,

coordinating colors together, and are able to design interior and exterior decorations to perfection.

There are many rules that must be followed to have a beautiful and elegant home with modern house frames decorations, including the following:

wall decorations
Ideas on how to choose house frames ,wall decorations 2

1.      Gypsum wall frames:

Forms of Gypsum Walls Home wall decorations, if properly selected, represent an added value to the interior decoration.

The decoration of the houses’ frame using gypsum was not limited to adults’ rooms and sitting rooms only,

but also included children’s rooms,

where innovations were made by making cartoon shapes for tires with gypsum and placing gypsum frames.

2.      3D wallpaper alternative to gypsum and marble

Interior design for the home using frames and landscaping:

Scenes, pictures and frames When hanging all these things,

you should not increase the scenes hanging on the walls,

Also, focus on the appropriate distance between them, and avoid choosing large or large-sized frames,

That it is preferable to choose two pictures or two views at most on the wall,

taking into account the placement of a beautiful and appropriate clock with Furniture pieces,

provided that there is a common line between all the views hanging on the wall.

 It must also be on the same level, or suspended in a regular geometric way,

far from random, to get modern house frames and walls decorations

Ideas for decorating and coordinating walls – home frames décor:

Apart from the routine used in wall painting, you can break this routine and get strange and modern decorations,

This depends on skill, innovation and artistic taste

  1. Paper designs- the decoration of frames and walls of the house: simple décor is the perfect way to change the look of your wall, because you can decorate it and change it from time to time.
  2. Painting on the walls: You can create frames and walls for your home by turning a silent wall into a painting.

3. The use of wood – the decoration of frames and walls of the house:

Decorating the wall of the house with wooden designs and pieces, using wood in picture frames and some antiques.

  1. Three-dimensional wall decoration, which is considered one of the modern decorations, which depends on the third dimension, and thus sometimes allows the lighting to hide behind it.
  1. Mirrors: decorating and coordinating the decoration of the frames and walls of the house with pieces of mirrors in a regular or random way, as they give a sense of spaciousness and increase the space, and add a lot of elegance to the rooms, especially if they are placed at the entrance.

Simplicity is the key to beauty, and luxury pieces are never necessary for a beautiful décor.

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