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Ideas for how to design fountains and waterfalls decorations

Ideas for how to design fountains and waterfalls decorations

Ideas for how to design fountains and waterfalls decorations 4

As we know that the outdoor garden of the residence is the first choice for relaxation,

 to get rid of the stresses of work and life.

Therefore, the importance of paying attention to garden design is no less important than the interior design of the house,

especially since these spaces are the first front of the house and the first impression of visitors about the general style of the house.

In the design of the garden, the natural atmosphere must be enhanced by adding some environmental elements such as plants and trees,

as well as through swimming pools and fountains,

although fountains are new ideas for home furnishings, they add a distinctive charm.

 The wonderful garden and your home as a whole. There are many ideas for designing fountains at home.

 Now you can not only design wall fountains and waterfalls in the garden and the outdoors, but also in the house,

whether it is in the corridor or at the entrance to the house, you can get an atmosphere of nature in it that is worth it,

 two types of fountains which are floor fountains and wall-mounted fountains.

There are many unique ideas for designing fountains at home:

• Creative design of a tree fountain on a wooden wall.

A very elegant design, where you can design the fountain as a painting that fascinates everyone  who looks at it, to make fountains and waterfalls

The idea here is that you can design the fountains and waterfalls in the form of a branching tree installed on the wooden wall,

where the water falls from the branches into the water space, under the wall.

Then install lighting units under the wall to create inspiration at night to make you feel comfortable in the home garden.

• A low internal waterfall drains into a small stream -make fountain and waterfalls

Where you can install a waterway in one of the exterior sides of the house to become like a small river,

and this design is considered one of the finest and most beautiful designs of fountains in the house,

and you can make it in your home easily, where you can install this fountain on the concrete wall next to a wall designed with bricks,

For water to fall from the fountain is randomized to the waterway.

• Design of a wall fountain in the garden in the form of a small waterfall.

You can use one of the garden spaces in an attractive way to be designed like a natural waterfall,

 this is done by designing the wall fountains and waterfalls on a gray stone wall so that the water falls into a decorative water basin,

that works to integrate the waterfall scene

  To play the role of a small river, which is decorated by placing some tiered stones,

and on the sides of this basin are green plants, which creates more fun atmosphere with this beautiful appearance.

Ideas for how to design fountains and waterfalls decorations 5

There are tips to consider when make fountain and waterfalls:

 In order for the fountain to be an integral part of the garden or courtyard of the house, 

to give it the desired aesthetic appearance,

it must be of the appropriate size,

 Fortunately, there are a variety of fountains to choose from, to suit the size of the place where they are to be placed.

 From small wall fountains to large multi-tiered fountains.

It is important to remember that the size of the fountain should be proportional to its surroundings,

for example, a large fountain looks best in a large garden,

while a small fountain is suitable for a small space.

The height of the fountains should be no more than a third of the height of your home,

along with a fountain deeper than its width will help conserve water

because there is less chance of evaporation.

The larger the fountain, the heavier it is, which makes transportation and installation difficult and expensive.

Plus, if you move into a new home, you won’t be able to easily move them elsewhere,

also, large fountains are more expensive to maintain.

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