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How to make interiors look harmonious in 5 ways Easily

How to make your interiors look harmonious

How to make your interiors look harmonious with a lot of things.

Known Interior Design. It is the art of planning, designing, and beautifying man-made spaces, and is closely related to architecture Interior Design Basics It is still relatively new.

It is worth mentioning that Interior Design Basics It was used in the past, leading experts to use a more accurate term called “interior decoration”,

and the design is known as interior architecture in some European countries.

The importance of interior design basics – How to make your interiors look harmonious with a lot of things:

Many people want to change their home décor or liven up their interior design, but at the same time, they may not be able to get suitable, innovative and dynamic ideas.

The purpose is to have a renovated home on a low budget, and from this perspective, we will tell you to provide the basic knowledge of home interior decoration, things to consider, from color to balance, and other aspects that we will discuss in detail.

We also know that design and decoration in itself is a science and study, as it is taught as an independent branch at the university,

and the goal is that we all dream of owning a very elegant and wonderful house and this can actually be found by finding the arts of interior design and its foundations.

Interior Design Basics – How to make your interiors look harmonious with a lot of things:

We can clarify all the basics of interior design through the following points:

Spirit coverage of the place:

Home is a safe haven for us to seek help after a long day of work and hardship, it makes us feel calm and belonging,

so, when thinking about changing the décor we must think seriously about choosing the items that suit your life,

and this can be achieved by choosing colors that make you feel calm.

Choose distinctive colors that express the place – How to make your interiors look harmonious with a lot of things:

Color is an important element to restore status and stimulate activities in it. Each color has its own implications and psychological impact, so before continuing to choose the color of the wall or furniture.

Different or contrasting colors – How to make your interiors look harmonious with a lot of things:

Based on the idea of ​​choosing opposite colors (such as red and green) in the color wheel, it takes boldness and courage to work at this stage,

and you can add complementary colors by mixing them together in different proportions or choose the principle of triple harmony,

where the principle is based on the concept of choosing three opposite colors (e.g., green, orange, purple).

Color gradation: This process does not require the courage of the previous ideas, but is based on two principles:

adjacent colors (for example, choose blue as the main color) and the two adjacent colors are blue, green and blue-violet.

The second principle is to choose a neutral color and then choose two neutral colors, for example, choosing white and combine it with black and gray.

Color unit: Unity is another key point of the home interior decoration foundation.

It does not necessarily mean the consistency of furniture or sculpture and painting in the same location,

but the general view must include continuity and transition from one place to another through the eyes of places, such as painting the walls in one color,

or the floors are the same type of materials used in all room furniture.

Here, another point must be taken into account, which is the suitability of pieces of furniture and the space it occupies.

such as choosing furniture that matches the space of the room, so as not to create an uncomfortable and bulky atmosphere filled with many unnecessary things.

color balance: The idea of ​​balance as one of the foundations of the interior decoration of the house is divided into several branches,

and this is a method without innovation, as it is based on the following principle: designing the room as if it were divided into two identical parts,

as if there was an imaginary line between them, and this principle is considered attractive and comfortable, but in a period The time is short,

but people quickly get bored with the regular and repetitive elements in the paintings, tapestries and other materials used.

Interior design colors – How to make your interiors look harmonious with a lot of things:

 asymmetric equilibrium: It is called active balance, and its advantage is that items of different sizes and weights can be used in the room,

and it can also save a large area, such as combining warm colors (such as red, orange and yellow) with cool colors (such as blue) mix together, green and purple, or a combination of furniture. In this principle, the visual weight of the furniture plays an important role.

For example, choose chairs made of satin or wood with glass tables, because the visual weight of glass is lighter than the visual weight of wood,

and the weight of satin and satin creates an uneven space, but at the same time it is not boring and very attractive.

Radiant balance:

It is based on the idea of ​​choosing an imaginary point and arranging pieces of furniture around it according to its effect,

and this is something we usually see at the entrances to large houses.

Decorations and lighting in interior design

Availability of storage places:

They are a must-have on any property for many people, there are many storage ideas for important little things, such as mounting high shelves on the wall to help store many of our daily necessities without causing a knee-jerk in our eyes.


Home lighting is one of the most important elements and foundations of the interior of the home, because it can inspire and restore the interior atmosphere, there are three types of industrial lighting, directional lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting.

Task lighting can be used for dining table and bedside table lamps, directional lighting is used to highlight artworks, sculptures, etc. As for mood lighting, it can improve visibility and liven up the space.

Consider purchasing distinctive decorative pieces:

You can create another volume in the space by placing flowers, candles or oil paintings at line-of-sight, adding a sense of luxury and freshness to the indoor atmosphere of the house.


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