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_ First: We are here in this (Blog) committed to giving you the best in homes, gardens, decorations, blueprints, growing weeds, trees…etc.

For instance

Decorations, blueprints, planting weeds and trees…etc.

home and garden decor:
It is the personal taste and the choice that a person chooses according to his comfort and his favorite colors, but we must know the right furniture, and read articles that help him choose the right furniture for his home page.

In this blog, we will also learn about:

Firstly _ many arrangements that help us to coordinate our homes and gardens; To touch our tastes, let us enjoy the comfort, peace and enjoyment of living in our small environment.

We’ll show you here too

Secondly _

How to choose the furniture, and the colors that suit the size of the place to be coordinated.

Thirdly _

We will provide you with what is new and useful about homes and gardens and the information you need about them.

• Despite all the progress and development we are witnessing in all aspects of life. However, sometimes we have the desire to always go back to the classics of the past

What we miss the most are the details of the old classic houses, as they were simple in design, full of detail and rich in memories.

• We do not forget the attractive modern décor, which enables us to keep pace with the developments that are taking place in our time; So that we feel a sense of belonging to our world.

However ;

_ Each of us has his own taste that suits his taste, and makes him feel comfortable, calm and in harmony with his environment.

So, moreover :

We gave you everything we could get to know about the different tastes, and experiences of those around us.

Lastly :

Who does not dream of creating a house in the most beautiful form, and that the decor of his house is beautifully designed in front of everyone?!

House & garden

Therefore, in this article, I will show you some steps and ways to choose classic home decor and modern decorations for both

First – huoses
Second – gardens

We hope you will benefit from this blog.

above all :

stay informed

House & garden .

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