Decoration and coordination the house with plants

Decoration And Coordination The House With Plants :

Bring spring to you by coordinating the house with natural and artificial plants

Green plants and bright flowers, in general, give your home some reassurance and comfort and

also, contribute to highlighting the aesthetics of furniture, lines, and colors by adding an atmosphere of nature.

Natural and Artificial plants:

It also plays a main role in giving a kind of clear privacy to the nature

and décor of the house and gives certain ideas about the owner of the house and his taste in choosing things.

Although some consider of natural plants that give a comfortable area and their incorporation into the home’s decorations,

they no longer keep pace with the coordinates of the times,

so they prefer to coordinate the house with artificial plants

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In this article, we will show you how to arrange the house with plants and decorate corners/parts of the house with them,

Note that it isn’t recommended to put it in bedrooms.

Coordination of natural and artificial plants:

  1. Decorating the walls with natural and artificial plants: Decorating the walls of the house with plants may be used to hide the flaws in that wall

to give warmth to the room or hall and bring life to it and make us feel the closeness of nature to us

In addition to contributing to the creation of balance and color harmony.

  1. Decorating the living room: Putting potted plants on the floor:
  2. One of the ways used to coordinate plants is to place them next to the wall or next to the sofa.
  3. Entrance decoration with natural and artificial plants:
  4. This traditional way is to decorate the entrance of the house with plants, whether natural or artificial,

to give a comfortable reception atmosphere that reflects a kind of joy.

The entrance gives the guests the first impression of the level of the dwelling and the taste of its owners.

 Put it in a place where there is no obstacle to freedom of movement,

or the use of hanging flowers.

  1. Use small plants and shrubs that can be placed on tables, shelves and small corners


we use it to decorate the dining room.

Because it is usually full of furniture and there are not many spaces in it,

this is the best way.

  1. A kitchen may not be without small plant bushes,
  2. especially above the windowsill or on the washbasin where there is strong daylight and water is always available,

But this is not the only place for plants in the kitchen,

there are many places where some plants can be placed such as the counter,

shelves, corners of upper cabinets and walls.

Plants used to decorate kitchen decor are broad-leaved, tolerant of humidity and heat, such as:

Begonia and Hypoestes.

Finally, make your artificial flowers look natural – coordination the house with natural and artificial plants:

Decoration and coordination the house with plants 7

You can distribute the pots of artificial plants wherever you want inside or outside the rooms,

and to give a real impression, place some of them near the window or any light source.

Painting some walls in your house green, pink, or blue and it would be a great idea to use brightly colored wallpaper.

Decoration and coordination the house with plants 8
Decoration and coordination the house with plants 9
natural and artificial plants
Decoration and coordination the house with plants 10

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