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What are the best plants for garden Decor?

best decorative plants for garden “decoration”

Angelonia adds to your summer garden a refreshing touch with its beautiful spires of light flowers. In full sun and well-drained soils, this annual (perennial in freezing areas) is best grown but tolerates drought-like a field. Angelonia is perfect for beginners or on-the-go gardeners because it requires good heat and humidity.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 2

Give your yard an upgrade with the beauty and texture of begonias. Those plants are long-flowering flowers that do not stop in the summer with waxy leaves and thick clusters of pink, red or white blooms. Many varieties grow in the sun or shade equally well. Their resistance to drought and rhythms like rabbits make begonias a perfect choice for landscapes with low maintenance.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 4

Add depth and texture to shaded beds with coleus in your backyard. His eye-catching aquarelle style creates delicate patterns in green, Burgoon, scarlet, fuchsia, gold, purple and red shades. Coleus creates dimension without much care. Plant it with flowers that complement or contrast its leaves for a coordinated and layered look.

The Ear of Elephant

What are the best plants for garden Decor? 6

Make a bold statement with the ear of a tropical elephant in your yard. It comes in a variety of ways; some love the sun, and some need shade. Some like moist soil, others like well-drained soil.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 8

Evolvulus is one of the few plants showing true blue flowering. Also known as blue daze, the flora grows best in full sun and drained soil and flowers during the summer. Although volvulus is a field tolerating drought, you might find even more flowers in dry spells when given a little water.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 10

Give a royal, exotic graptophyll look to your garden. Its luxuriant leaves are an endless blend of grass, rose, silver, and purple, making it versatile to grow. Plant graptophyll in full sun or part, and maintain the soil moistly. Encourage new growth every few weeks by pruning graptophyll.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 12

When I started gardening, I gravitated towards the tropical-colored flowers of Lantana’s Lantana. This warm-loving charmer features bloom clusters in the shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. When the soil drops, plant lantana in full sun and water (if you forget to water every time, don’t worry! LantanaLantana is tolerant to drought.). The cowboy-hard attitude of Lantana and the beautiful southern style make Lantana an ideal pick for courtyards.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 14

Why wander when you can plant a backyard paradise? Mandevilla is tropical viticulture that shows wide red, pink and white blooms. It grows in full shade or full sun and appreciates the moist soil (but tolerates drought well). This colorful climber is ideal for planting in the vicinity of trenches or fences; it is also an excellent privacy screen!


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 16

Add color to your pentas garden. This beautiful little plant has hydrangeas flower clusters in red, pink, lavender, and white shades when the soil begins to dry, plant peas in full sun and water. This full heat-lover blooms without much tending from spring until fall.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 18

For its beautiful, colorful blooms and drought-tolerant nature, Portulaca is a sure winner for your countryside. The quickly growing plant has bowl-shaped flowers in red, fuchsia, orange, lavender, pink, yellow, and white shades. Plant portulaca in the sun and water area during prolonged drought. This fast-growing yearly year appreciates heat and moisture and is a reliable summer actor at our Trial Garden in Miami.


What are the best plants for garden Decor? 20

Scaevola is commonly used in yards across the country and is a heat lover that illuminates a colored bed or container. In full sun or part of the shade and dry to moist soil, grow Scaevola. This years is exceptionally tolerant to drought (or forgetful gardeners like me!).

Shield of Persia

What are the best plants for garden Decor? 22

Love exotic? Love exotic? Perhaps the Persian Shield is for you! You will undoubtedly make a fantastic addition to your garden. The Persian Shield, known for its rich purple leaves, is a must choose if you want drama on your beds, borders, or containers. It best grows in the full shade of sun or part and drained soil. This tropical is not tolerant to drought, so don’t forget water.

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