How to organize a small children’s room with simple decorations

How to organize a small children’s room with simple decorations

Children's Room Decorating
How to organize a small children's room with simple decorations 10

ABC Children’s room decorations, the child’s room is his small world from which the
exploration stage begins, here are the basics of the baby’s room decorations

a child has a special nature, which mean His room in which he spends most of his time
must fit this nature and so that the time spent in it is not boring and monotonous

his room has an attractive design for his personality in which he can practice his
activities, games, fun, remember and rest in it during sleep.

And the decoration of the child’s bedroom is of paramount importance in spreading
reassurance and psychological comfort

right now, together we start a journey where we see Everything about setting up a
Children’s room decorations.

decor style
Children’s room

Choosing the room for the child ABC Children’s room decorations your best guide

Before we start designing the room, we must choose the location of the child’s room first,
and we make sure that it is in a place far from the reception place and easy to observe
from the places where you are present throughout the day, provided that it has a window
as wide as possible to enable him to see the outside world.

Room preparation

Our interest should not only be limited to furniture, but also extend to walls, floors, etc…
The walls of the child’s room should be a washable material up to a height of 1.5 meters,
for which a paint such as plastic that can be washed repeatedly or lacquers (oil paints)
may be chosen.

then :
It also has a suitable covering such as linoleum and other washable materials that are
currently on the market.


Children’s room

Also, when we choose the floor for the child’s room, we bearing in mind that it is must be easy to clean, such as ceramics that have a degree of roughness;

So that children do not slip from it while running, or PVC linoleum floors

These floors may be left uncovered in the summer, but in the winter, we put pieces of
carpets or rugs with special drawings for children to spread warmth in the place.

On the other hand, one should avoid rugs that are fixed or specifically affixed; This is
because it is difficult to clean and because it emits an odor when moisture reaches it.


Children’s room

Also, choosing the shape and location of the windows is important for the basics of
Children’s room decorations.

The windows should be below, and the sittings should be wide to allow light and air to
enter, but they are secured in a way that may be with wrought iron from the outside that
includes the entire window area, or wrought iron from the inside above the sitting that raises it to a distance or height that

children cannot reach, and these hollow iron Children can look through it easily to see
what is happening outside.
To be your child safe.


children's room decor images
children’s small room decorating

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of Children’s room decorations

The lighting of the child’s room should be focused in the middle of the ceiling (the
lighting in this room is focused in the middle of the ceiling to cover the area of the room.

And also, to be fluorescent as its light is similar to daylight

In addition, it is preferable to have strong indirect lighting for the safety of our children’s
eyes, taking into account the presence of other focused lighting in the study places.

Children’s room decorations

children's room
How to organize a small children's room with simple decorations 11

ABC Choosing Children’s room decorations and the
selection of the room’s furniture and formats:

When choosing furniture for the child’s room in proportion to its décor and colors that
suggest comfort for our child, and the things around him are consistent with his small size
and little experience.

He developed a sense of independence from an early age

We must be aware that if the room is able to accommodate your child, his needs and
desires, then we will have been very successful in keeping the child away from messing
around the house.


Children prefer low-rise beds, as their space, ranges between 180 cm and 200 cm, and
their width is between 80 cm and 120 cm.

And also, to position the navel as much as possible parallel to the windows so that your child can enjoy as much ventilation and sunlight as possible.

Children's room decorations
How to organize a small children's room with simple decorations 12

(ABC Children’s room decorations (Storage needs:

for example

simple decorations
How to organize a small children's room with simple decorations 13

Most of us may forget the most important part of Children’s room decorations, which was
to store the child’s needs.

When dividing the children’s wardrobe or cupboard, it is taken into account a special
place for their school bags,

and another low place for their hands to reach when placing shoes, and other things that belong to them from in order to maintain the arrangement of
the room.

Finally :

To decorate the children’s room with plants see the link


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